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Biznet Celebrates 18 Years of Excellence and Professional Service! Established in 1995, Biznet has Provided Many Companies with Professional Design, eCommerce and Hosting Services!


Biznet's Online Registration Center is awarded 4 stars by Training Media Review

eCommerce Projects
eCommerce System Development, Web Site Hosting
Web Site Design/Development, Hosting and eCommerce Development
Hosting, Design, Development, Shopping cart, Admin and Database Management
Hosting, Shopping cart, Admin and Database Management
Hosting, Shopping cart, Admin and Database Management
eCommerce Solutions

To sell merchandise on the Web, you must have the tools in place to present your catalog to potential customers. These tools must be able to process on-line orders and accurately track and report that activity.

In addition, the eCommerce experience must be secure and look professional, or your customers and potential customers will not feel comfortable doing business with you on-line.

Biznet can provide you with a professional and secure eCommerce presence that will help your company achieve its Internet marketing goals.

Biznet Internet Services has provided a number of custom eCommerce solutions to companies, large and small, including C.F. Sauer, IceHole Products, Fiamour, AllJ Software, Spice Hunter, Dukes Mayo and many more, both locally in Richmond, Virginia and internationally.

Event Registration Management Systems

The Online Registration Center is a web-based, turn-key Registration Tool that will save you time and money by processing your registrations and payments for courses, seminars, tournaments, conferences, and any other events that require your customers to register.

The Online Registration Center has been providing training companies, seminar and meeting planners, and many other types of organizations, with online registration services since 1996. Organizations, large and small, have used the Online Registration Center to manage their entire registration processes, efficiently and reliably.

From the secured online payment processing, to the automatic e-mailed event reminders, the Online Registration Center is the most versatile and comprehensive registration management solution available.

Biznet's Online Registration Center is used by companies including Adobe, Intuit, Rockwell Automation, Aetna, NFL/Houston Texans, and many more.