May 6, 2016

Ref: Unethical unwanted Experian membership fee scam

My wife and I recently decided to lookup our credit scores and chose to use

When you go to use their $1 credit score check, their fine print says that this is automatically enrolling you in their Experian Credit TrackerSM, which will automatically bill you $21.95 every month. This is very interesting, because there is NOT an OPT-IN option, nor is there an OPT-OUT option during the $1 credit check process. It's only in the fine print during the process (see below).

experian membership scam beware

They advertise a $1 credit report... quick and easy, and scam millions from people giving them a "free trial" that they refuse (and I tried hard) to offer a refund for. Now get this... The number 1 option on their phone system menu is "Press 1 to request a refund". You think maybe that's a popular phone call they are receiving? Here's the second screen of the credit check order (below), notice NO MENTION OF YOUR AUTO ENROLLMENT FOR THEIR SCAM MEMBERSHIP.

experian membership scam beware

Now, you know that people are not happy when they call them to request this charge be removed, and all we got was a scripted answer, "I'm very sorry sir but I cannot refund you... you did not cancel your 7 day trial in time". If it was a true service, they'd refund at least the prorated amount for the rest of the month that I'd not be a member ($16.83). But no, this is a scam, so why refund anything at all?

Now, you can see here on the payment page how buried in the fine print their "membership" scam is, while boasting up top that you're only spending $1.
experian membership scam beware

So I urge you to not use Experian at all... They are NOT acting in your best interest and don't care that we know they are scamming millions with this unethical behavior. There are other credit agencies, so I encourage you to steer clear of and choose one of the others.

I'll be contesting the charge with the bank and have already opened a case (case#:I1605071737448402) with the online fraud division of the FBI ( to get some attention and help with this matter. Their IC3 division ( takes unethical online behavior very seriously. I am the president of a web development and ecommerce company, Biznet Internet services (established in 1995) and we've managed several online fraud cases with them both for our customers and for 2 cases of our own.

I hope that this information about Experian's unethical billing scam helps others not to lose $21.95. This behavior should not be tolerated.